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“Mozaic Smithfield Romania” Newsletter Wins PR Award of Excellence

We want to extend a big congratulations to our Romanian subsidiaries Smithfield Prod, Smithfield Ferme and Agroalim, for their ongoing collaboration putting together their award-winning newsletter, “Mozaic Smithfield Romania.” The Mozaic recently won a Diploma of Excellence in a national public relations competition among Romanian communications professionals for 2014.

The newsletter was cited by an international jury of communicators for its creativity, innovation and impact. It has become a fun and effective way to educate employees about company initiatives and create connections throughout the company. Each issue covers a wide variety of topics about ISO Certification progress, safety training tips and employee interviews about personal and career goals, among other company happenings.

Mozaic team







Smithfield Romanian Team at the awards ceremony

Mozaic award








Diploma of Excellence Award the team received


Making us proud: Food Engineering magazine names Smithfield Foods its 2014 Sustainable Processor of the Year

Sustainability projects at three of our plants in Indiana, Illinois and North Carolina have earned Smithfield Foods the title 2014 Sustainable Processor of the Year by Food Engineering magazine.

This honor, featured in the November issue, is the first to focus on multiple plants rather than one Sustainable Plant of the Year, as in the past. This is because of our corporate priority to improve the sustainability of all our plants and to give back to the communities in which we’re located.

Two initiatives were recognized at John Morell Food Group’s Armour-Eckrich Meats plants in Peru, Ind.—one, a project to reduce the amount of wastewater sent to a public treatment plant, and the other on the facility’s achievement of zero-waste-to-landfill status—a first within our organization.

Also honored were our Saratoga Food Specialties operations in Bolingbrook, Ill., where multiple initiatives reduce energy and water use as well as the amount of waste to landfill, and a project at the Smithfield Farmland plant in Tar Heel, N.C., which utilized biogas from wastewater.

Food Engineering’s decision to feature multiple projects at Smithfield operating companies is further testament to the deep commitment to sustainability found throughout our business,” said Dennis Treacy, executive vice president and chief sustainability officer, Smithfield Foods. “We salute our colleagues for making us proud.”

Smithfield Farmland Vice President Named Next National Pork Board CEO

We want to share some great news that one of our employees will join the National Pork Board as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Chris Hodges, senior vice president of business development at Smithfield Farmland, one of our subsidiaries, will join the Board staff on February 16th. He is a pork industry leader with substantial senior management experience in agriculture, and we share his enthusiasm for this new role.

“When I first joined what was then Farmland Industries as a grain division manager, I joined a farmer cooperative,” said Hodges. “Over the years, I have grown to understand the needs and challenges facing pork producers. From product marketing to disease management to sustainability, I look forward to working with the National Pork Board staff and Board to develop the tangible tools and grassroots programs on behalf of America’s pig farmers.”

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Continue our “Sustainability Stories” Web Series with a look at Environmental Performance

In the third of our three-part series of web sustainability stories, we invite you to join us on a virtual “day-in-the-life-of” journey with Kinesha Allen, the environmental manager at our Smithfield Farmland facility in Smithfield, Va..

We follow a day in her role, which runs the gamut from checking water and energy usage to volunteering at local schools. She’s proud of her team’s award-winning performance, the latest of which is the 2014 Business Partner of the Year from the Virginia Recycling Association.

But it’s more than awards for Kinesha, she says: “As (parents) we want the best for our children; I can give my kids the best clothes, the best education, but at the end of the day I couldn’t give them the perfect environment.”

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Smithfield Foods Continues “Sustainability Stories” Web Series with a Look at Animal Care

Ashley hero shot

We launched the second of a three-part series of web sustainability stories that invites our visitors to meet some of the architects of the company’s sustainability programs, including Ashley DeDecker, PhD in swine well-being.

This second story highlights DeDecker’s candid insights and shares her experience working with animals, and the role she plays in developing programs in swine well-being.

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Calling All Youths for Smithfield Foods Youth Day

The Smithfield Research and Development team invited children between ages 9 to 15 for an afternoon that allowed them the opportunity to learn about what Smithfield does and how products get made. The day included several hands-on activities and learning opportunities. The program lasted about 2.5 hours and lunch was provided. The children reviewed the different types of pork cuts and used a giant pig puzzle to help them identify all the types of pork products.

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ARMOUR Hosts Sixth Annual Blue Shirt Day® World Day of Bullying Prevention

This month remains National Bullying Prevention Month and ARMOUR®, maker of LunchMakers® and BreakfastMakers®, played its part in spreading awareness and showing its support to the cause. 

Armour and STOMP Out Bullying have teamed up with a national partnership to drive awareness of bullying and cyberbullying prevention. Armour, part of the John Morrell Food Group, a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods, Inc., donated $75,000 to the organization and is driving awareness via specially marked packages of top-selling Armour LunchMakers and BreakfastMakers varieties, in-store signage and social media.

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Eckrich Surprises Retired Army Veteran Raymond Goss and Family with New Car and Free Groceries for One Year

Eckrich continues to celebrate its 120th anniversary this month. In September the celebrations were kicked off by honoring a special military veteran and his family with the gift of a brand new 2014 Ford Fusion and free groceries for a year at Jewel-Osco. The Goss family could not be more appreciative, full of smiles. Veteran Army Specialist Raymond Goss, his wife, Jennifer, and their two young children were in need of a new car, but they never thought they would receive one when they pulled into a Jewel-Osco parking lot on a Friday morning in September.

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Community Blood Drive

On June 18, 2014 the Oklahoma Smithfield Team of Murphy-Brown partnered up with the Oklahoma Blood Institute to host a community blood drive. Everyone who donated was given a complimentary T-shirt, tickets to Oklahoma City Zoo and grilled pork burgers. When the blood drive started at 11:00 a.m. the Smithfield donation goal was 50, when the blood drive ended at 7:30 p.m. they had a total of 66 donations!

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Carando Foods Achieves Zero Waste to Landfill Status

Our Carando facility in Springfield, Mass.,  tackled a challenging question—is it possible to operate efficiently without sending waste to landfill? On July 9, 2014, they were officially recognized for doing just that—they officially achieved zero waste to landfill status. Congrats team!

At Smithfield Foods, we’ve set a corporate goal that each of our subsidiaries have at least one zero waste to landfill facility by the end of 2018. Learn more about that commitment here. The effort towards this goal at the Carando facility began in February of 2013 when Denis Punch, who works in the human resources department at the facility, spearheaded the project with the help of USA Hauling and Recycling. By collaborating with Chris Roscio and Mark Murren of USA Hauling and Recycling, an action plan was created that included numerous process revisions and a focus on composting and recycling (including standard recycling, wood, cardboard, plastics, metal and aluminum recycling).

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Youtube Videos
A Response to Food, Inc. 1:04 A Response to Food, Inc.
What's Happening Now Videos

A Response to Food, Inc.

People sometimes ask us if we have a response to the movie Food, Inc. In this short video, our EVP and CSO Dennis Treacy provides insight as to why Smithfield did not talk to the movie producers and our perspective on the film. If you have questions about particular claims made in the movie, please ask us through our website http://www.smithfieldcommitments.com, or contact us through Twitter or Facebook.

Smithfield Foods--A Chat with our Chief Sustainability Officer--Part 4: Our Investment 1:20 Smithfield Foods--A Chat with our Chief Sustainability Officer--Part 4: Our Investment
What's Happening Now Videos

Smithfield Foods--A Chat with our Chief Sustainability Officer--Part 4: Our Investment

As we move forward with our sustainability initiatives, we need to take the concerns of our investors seriously. We have found an increasing level of interest among our investors in issues related to sustainability, and what we are doing as a company in this area.

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