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Community Blood Drive

On June 18, 2014 the Oklahoma Smithfield Team of Murphy-Brown partnered up with the Oklahoma Blood Institute to host a community blood drive. Everyone who donated was given a complimentary T-shirt, tickets to Oklahoma City Zoo and grilled pork burgers. When the blood drive started at 11:00 a.m. the Smithfield donation goal was 50, when the blood drive ended at 7:30 p.m. they had a total of 66 donations! Every pint of blood saves 3 lives; with the donations that were made at this blood drive 198 lives were saved! 15 of Smithfield employees volunteered 263 hours to help cook, serve food, greet and sign up donors, translated if needed and provided support to the nursing staff. The blood drive was a huge success and would not have been possible without the dedicated team from the Oklahoma Blood Institute and the Smithfield volunteers!Picture6 Picture4



Carando Foods Achieves Zero Waste to Landfill Status

Our Carando facility in Springfield, Mass.,  tackled a challenging question—is it possible to operate efficiently without sending waste to landfill? On July 9, 2014, they were officially recognized for doing just that—they officially achieved zero waste to landfill status. Congrats team!

At Smithfield Foods, we’ve set a corporate goal that each of our subsidiaries have at least one zero waste to landfill facility by the end of 2018. Learn more about that commitment here. The effort towards this goal at the Carando facility began in February of 2013 when Denis Punch, who works in the human resources department at the facility, spearheaded the project with the help of USA Hauling and Recycling. By collaborating with Chris Roscio and Mark Murren of USA Hauling and Recycling, an action plan was created that included numerous process revisions and a focus on composting and recycling (including standard recycling, wood, cardboard, plastics, metal and aluminum recycling).

“It has been a great experience working with Carando Foods. They have dedicated all their efforts in really making a big difference to our environment,” said Roscio, “Their main goal was to make their company a complete landfill-free work place and with USA Hauling’s expertise and Carando’s diligence —they succeeded.”

The results: to date, Carando has been able to recycle 1,915 tons of material that would otherwise have been disposed of in a landfill. Not only have their efforts helped further their commitment to protecting the environment; it has also saved the company $90,000 in disposal fees.

To celebrate, Carando provided lunch and ice-cream for all employees. Great job, guys!

JM Zero waste_WHN

Smithfield Foods Launches Interim Sustainability Report via Three-Part Web Module

First Installment Features CEO Larry Pope and Sustainability’s Role in his Corporate Philosophy

Smithfield Foods launched the first of a three-part series of web modules that serve as an interim sustainability report. Through these stories, Smithfield invites visitors to meet some of the architects of the company’s sustainability policy including Larry Pope, president and chief executive officer.  

This first module includes Pope’s candid insights and stories regarding the importance of sustainability to the company.

Through a video interview, Pope reminds viewers that Sustainability is nothing new to Smithfield.

“Smithfield Foods now is well into the second decade of incorporating sustainability throughout every aspect of our business,” Pope said. “It is ingrained in our culture.”

The module also features Dennis Treacy, the company’s chief sustainability officer who shares how Smithfield Foods makes decisions everyday that that work toward protecting the environment, the animals and the company’s employees.
One of the more unique characteristics of Smithfield Foods is the strong tie the company still holds to Smithfield, Virginia–the community in which the company was founded and still calls home.
“Our reach may be global, but we still behave like a small company from a small town with an open-door policy,” Pope said. He also pointed out that Smithfield Foods is committed to being a member of every community it touches, from Smithfield, Va. to the hog production facilities around the world.

Smithfield Foods has grown over the years and the commitment towards bettering communities and the planet have grown with the corporation:

• Through its Helping Hungry Homes® initiative, the company has donated more than 35 million servings of food during the past four years to food banks across the U.S.

• CorporateRegister.com named Smithfield Foods 2012 integrated Report as its first place winner in the “Openness & Honesty” category.

• Through the Smithfield-Luter Foundation, Smithfield offers scholarships to the dependent children and grandchildren of company employees for eight colleges and universities. To date the foundation has awarded 173 annual scholarships totaling more than $2.5 million.

The second module, scheduled to launch in October, will highlight Ashley DeDecker, Ph.D. who has worked at Murphy-Brown LLC, a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods, for almost three years. Currently serving as the assistant director of production research, Ashley has dedicated her career to animal care and welfare and has received several awards for her efforts, including the National Pork Board Swine Innovation Award (2011).

The third module, scheduled to launch in December, features Kinesha Allen, Environmental Manager for Smithfield-Farmland. Her role consists of a broad range of environmental services with specific emphases on Environmental Management Systems (EMS), facility inspections. She even has designed award-winning environmental community outreach programs.

Smithfield believes that sustainability is a journey, not a destination, and believes corporations must continually strive to exceed what is expected of them. This belief is ingrained in the culture and operations at Smithfield Foods. These modules help tell the story of Smithfield’s journey, introduce the people who create this culture and further their commitment to transparent and engaging communication.  

 Visit http://www.smithfieldcommitments.com/stories/ to learn more.


Romanian Students Participate in Smithfield Prod Internship

Smithfield Prod, Romania’s largest producer of fresh pork and a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods, again has launched its internship program to help students better understand the food production industry and make the transition from theoretical to practical skills. Participants are assigned to a department appropriate to their focus of study and then given the chance to learn in a ”real world” setting by getting involved in all operational departments throughout the course of the three-month internship.

Currently, 24 students are involved with the program through the top three universities in Timisoara, Romania: West University, Polytechnics University and University of Agriculture, Science and Veterinary Medicine and Electrotechnics. Participants represent a variety of fields including technology, agriculture and food production.

As part of our commitment to the communities in which we live and work, and to support the educational process in the region, this internship program helps further the education of future food production professionals.

Click here to learn more about our commitment to strengthening communities through different educational initiatives.


Smithfield Farmland Grayson Supports American Cancer Society

Through a number of creative fundraising events and activities the Smithfield Farmland facility in Grayson, KY, has been raising money and showing support for the American Cancer Society. Throughout the year they’ve held a number of events including bake sales, t- shirt sales, raffles and $5.00 jean Fridays.

On June 20, 2014, the group held their final fundraiser at the Relay for Life event at the Olive Hill Shriner Park. The Relay for Life creates an opportunity to unite as a community to honor cancer survivors, raise awareness about what can be done to reduce cancer risk and raise money to help the American Cancer Society fight the disease. Relay for Life teams camp out overnight and take turns walking or running around a track or path. Events are up to 24 hours long and, because cancer never sleeps, each team is asked to have at least one participant on the track at all times. Relay for Life at Olive Shriner Park included 37 teams and over 500 participants who raised over $96,000 for the American Cancer Society. Four employees volunteered their time selling pork chops sandwiches to participants.

The team at the Grayson facility is proud to have raised a total of $4,431.00 for this great charity.


Smithfield Farmland Fresh – North Sponsors Annual Clean the Bay Day


On Saturday, June 7, 2014, thousands of Virginians simultaneously headed to streams, tributaries and beaches of the Chesapeake Bay to remove harmful litter and debris from the waters. The 26th Annual Clean the Bay Day, established by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, was sponsored by the Smithfield Farmland Fresh facility, located in Smithfield, VA. The foundation’s goal is to improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay and the bay’s ecosystem through trash removal. Clean the Bay Day sets the stage for moving beyond visible pollution and tackling the major unseen threats that the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint is designed to manage.

This year’s event brought over 100 different partner organizations and sponsors, including the North Facility. Smithfield Farmland’s team of volunteers tripled in size this year and assisted in the clean up and removal of approximately 825 pounds of trash from the bay! After the cleanup, a lunch was held at Smithfield Farmland’s Innovation Center for all volunteers.

Since 1989, Clean the Bay Day has engaged approximately 134,000 volunteers, who have removed more than 6.1 million pounds of debris from nearly 6,500 miles of shoreline.


Curly’s Foods Honored with National Paper Recycling Award

Curly’s Foods, a brand of John Morrell, subsidiary of Smithfield Foods; based in Sioux City, Iowa, received the 2014 Business Leadership Award for Volume from the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA). The award recognizes outstanding paper recycling programs.

Curly’s Foods initiated a recycling program to recover old corrugated containers (OCC) decades ago, as a small meat processing company. Now, years later, new employees are educated on sustainability and the importance of recycling. All employees are involved in the company’s environmental management system.

The existing program recovered the highest amount of paper for recycling of all applications in the category—recovering 1,348 tons of paper in 2013. Paper recovery saves landfill space too—an average of 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space is saved for each ton of paper recycled!

AF&PA recently announced that 63.5% of all paper consumed in the U.S. was recovered for recycling in 2013. Programs like Curly’s Foods’ combined with the individual efforts of millions Americans help drive the industry closer towards its goal to exceed 70% paper recovery for recycling by 2020.

Smithfield Foods’ Sustainability Program includes many recycling-specific goals, which are supported by our subsidiaries such as Curly’s Foods. As a family of companies, Smithfield has set goals, including zero-waste-to-landfill and packaging reduction targets. To learn more about our sustainability efforts, please visit SmithfieldCommitments.com.

Read more about the award here.

Environmental Defense Fund Partners with Smithfield Foods to Reduce Fertilizer Runoff, Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) announced a collaboration with Smithfield Foods and Murphy‑Brown, LLC that will help farmers optimize fertilizer application to grain grown for animal feed. Excess nitrogen fertilizer not absorbed by crops can runoff the land and pollute lakes, streams and drinking water. It also emits a greenhouse gas (GHG) 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Efficient fertilizer application reduces water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, while maintaining crop yields and lower farm input costs.

“Commercial fertilizer is often overlooked, and there is significant opportunity to combat climate change and improve water quality,” said David Fest, EDF Vice President, Ecosystems. “Our initiative with Smithfield is an important part of a comprehensive effort underway at EDF to ensure agriculture production meets human needs for food and contributes to the resilience of our environment. By working with farmers and engaging all points along the food supply chain, we can significantly reduce fertilizer runoff, safeguard our environment and ensure farm productivity.”

This new program will educate farmers who sell grain to Murphy-Brown using new tools and practices to more precisely match fertilizer application with crop needs—improving soil health. Our goal is to have 75 percent of our Southeastern grain-sourcing acres participate in a fertilizer optimization and soil health program by 2018. The program first rolls out in North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina this year and will expand to Midwest farmers in 2015.

EDF estimates that this collaboration will reduce excess nitrogen fertilizer on over 450,000 acres and reduce GHG emissions from agriculture by over 60,000 tons—the equivalent of taking approximately 13,000 cars off the road.

We believe this project will demonstrate how innovative fertilizer application practices will benefit farmers while providing additional environmental protection. Through this collaborative effort, we will be able to reach out to the local grain farmers we do business with and leverage the economic and environmental benefits for all involved. 

An Earth Day Message from Our CSO

Dennis Treacy Smithfield FoodsEach year, I send out a note on Earth Day. The main reason is that the day has a special meaning to me. I remember the original Earth Day back in 1970, and while much has changed since then (thankfully, even my hairstyle), some things have not. The original Earth Day was all about making a difference. That thought still motivates many of us today. Even back then, we knew that change wasn’t easy—it doesn’t happen overnight, and is never as thorough or painless as we would like–but it is possible.  

Read More

Murphy-Brown Employees Help to Green the Muscadine Festival

North Carolina may have cultivated its first grape back in 1524, but Murphy-Brown employees brouMuscadine Festivalght a new reason to celebrate at the annual North Carolina Muscadine Festival this year.

A group of 10 volunteers put out recycle barrels to collect empty glass bottles during the Festival, totaling 1 ton glass bottles collected.

The volunteers were thanked by the festival organizers for helping them “go green.” Their efforts helped clean up the festival grounds and most of the waste was able to be recycled.

Youtube Videos
A Response to Food, Inc. 1:04 A Response to Food, Inc.
What's Happening Now Videos

A Response to Food, Inc.

People sometimes ask us if we have a response to the movie Food, Inc. In this short video, our EVP and CSO Dennis Treacy provides insight as to why Smithfield did not talk to the movie producers and our perspective on the film. If you have questions about particular claims made in the movie, please ask us through our website http://www.smithfieldcommitments.com, or contact us through Twitter or Facebook.

Smithfield Foods--A Chat with our Chief Sustainability Officer--Part 4: Our Investment 1:20 Smithfield Foods--A Chat with our Chief Sustainability Officer--Part 4: Our Investment
What's Happening Now Videos

Smithfield Foods--A Chat with our Chief Sustainability Officer--Part 4: Our Investment

As we move forward with our sustainability initiatives, we need to take the concerns of our investors seriously. We have found an increasing level of interest among our investors in issues related to sustainability, and what we are doing as a company in this area.

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