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Helping tomorrow’s environmentalists grow: Murphy-Brown sponsors the 2015 Area VII Environthon in North Carolina

Are you thinking what is an Envirothon? The program is a fun, hands-on, natural science academic competition for teams of middle and high school students sponsored by the North Carolina Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts.

It’s an outdoor event where the teams compete in natural resources knowledge and an ecology field day. Students are tested on subject areas including aquatic ecology, forestry, soils and land use, wildlife and current environmental issues.

This year-long curriculum combining in-class studies with outdoor training in ecology and natural resource management emphasizes teamwork and higher order thinking skills, such as analysis and interpretation. It helps develop interest in the environment with students who will assume future leadership roles.

Murphy-Brown is proud to be an annual sponsor of the Area VII Envirothon with a donation that helps provide lunch and a t-shirt to the 300+ participants.

Murphy-Brown Employees Help to Green the Muscadine Festival

North Carolina may have cultivated its first grape back in 1524, but Murphy-Brown employees brouMuscadine Festivalght a new reason to celebrate at the annual North Carolina Muscadine Festival this year.

A group of 10 volunteers put out recycle barrels to collect empty glass bottles during the Festival, totaling 1 ton glass bottles collected.

The volunteers were thanked by the festival organizers for helping them “go green.” Their efforts helped clean up the festival grounds and most of the waste was able to be recycled.

Sow Housing Conversion Progress Update and Contract Grower Participation

In 2007 we made an industry-leading commitment to convert our company-owned farms in the U.S. to group housing systems for pregnant sows by 2017. We are excited to announce that at the end of 2013, Murphy-Brown LLC, our hog production subsidiary, will be more than halfway finished with a reported 54% complete.

To further demonstrate our commitment to animal care, we, along with Murphy-Brown, are encouraging all contract sow growers to convert their facilities to group housing systems. We believe converting to group housing will benefit growers by adding value to their farm and better serve the needs of our customers, many of whom plan in the future to source pork from suppliers who utilize group housing. Read More

Company Safety Efforts Celebrated at Annual Safety and Environmental Awards Conference

Employee safety is a top priority here at Smithfield Foods. All that effort has paid off. In 2012, we were proud to see our companywide injury and illness rates at their lowest levels in the company’s history, well below the national average for the meatpacking industry. With a banner year in 2012, our employees were inspired to continue to grow our safety efforts and programs. Read More

Circle Four Lends a Hand to their Local Community

At Circle Four Farms, a unit of our hog production subsidiary, Murphy-Brown, LLC, the month of April is better known as “Super Sustainability Season,” a time when employees go above and beyond to advance Smithfield’s sustainability initiatives.

Each week, Circle Four chooses to focus on one of Smithfield’s sustainability programs (animal care, employees, environment, food safety & quality, helping communities or value creation). This year, the first
week of April was dedicated to community outreach, during which eighty-eight Circle Four employees spent more than 175 hours improving their local community, Minersville, Utah.

Minersville Mayor Ward Dotson was impressed with the Circle Four team, whose efforts included the construction of a new sand volleyball court for a local park, landscaping, improved road and parking conditions in the surrounding area, and the painting of a local firehouse.

Thank you Circle Four for your hard work and leadership in your community!

Murphy-Brown of Scotland County Fundraises for New Park Development

Murphy-Brown employees of Scotland County, North Carolina are proud to call the Laurinburg area home and recently had the chance to give back to their hometown through a fundraising initiative called “A Walk in the Park, A Campaign for the Children of Scotland County,” which raised $15,000 for Scotland County Parks and Recreation. Read More

Murphy-Brown, LLC Announced as Algona Area Chamber of Commerce Large Business of the Year

We count on the communities in which we operate, and they count on us. Which is why we are so proud of our subsidiary Murphy-Brown, LLC for being recognized as Large Business of the Year by the Algona Area Chamber of Commerce. Read More

Women’s History Month Profile: Joan Lee

As you may have read in our articles from the past couple weeks, this March we’re celebrating some of Smithfield’s fabulous women in honor of Women’s History Month. Today, we’re focusing on Joan Lee, Chief Financial Officer for Murphy-Brown (our hog production subsidiary). We hope our interview with Joan will help you understand her role at the company and allow you to get to know her a little better. 

1) How did you get your start at Murphy-Brown? How long have you been there?

I never doubted that after graduating from Wake Forest I would come back and settle down in my hometown of Clinton, NC.  The part I never dreamed of is that I would have such a rewarding professional career here in rural eastern NC.  After 27 years, I can say that my passion for this industry has never waned and continues to be the reason I want to get up in the mornings and make a difference. Read More

Sow Housing Conversion Update

We are pleased to announce that as of the end of 2012, we have successfully transitioned 38% of pregnant sows on our company-owned farms in the United States from individual gestation stalls to group housing systems. We continue to remain on track to finish our conversion to group housing on all company-owned farms in the U.S. by 2017.

Additionally, our company-owned international hog production operations also will complete their conversions from gestation stalls to group housing on company-owned farms by 2022. Our hog production operations in Poland and Romania completed their conversions to group housing facilities on company-owned farms a number of years ago and our Granjas Carroll de México (GCM) and Norson joint ventures in Mexico are committed to phasing out gestation stalls on company-owned farms by 2022.

To read more about sow gestation at our farms, click here.

Murphy-Brown Cleans Up Warsaw, North Carolina

Murphy-Brown, the production subsidiary of Smithfield Foods, has been proud to call Warsaw, North Carolina, home since 2001. To keep their local area clean Murphy-Brown Feed Transportation employees gathered at the Warsaw Wellness Center on Saturday, September 22, 2012, to participate in the clean-up effort.  Read More

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