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Helping Hungry Homes

As a food company, we understand the benefits of access to proper nutrition on a regular basis. Unfortunately, millions of Americans don’t have that access, and, as a result, they lack the nutritional benefits that many of us take for granted.

Helping Hungry Homes is Smithfield’s initiative focused on alleviating hunger across the country. In fiscal 2013, Helping Hungry Homes provided 8.4 million servings of food through food banks, school nutrition programs, disaster relief, and community outreach programs. By partnering with other charitable initiatives such as Al Roker’s “Lend a Hand,” Helping Hungry Homes has had a positive impact on millions of families.

More than 35 million Americans live in households considered to be food insecure, so we have plenty of work to do.

Smithfield Foods donated 8.4 million servings of food in fiscal 2013.
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